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Physical Therapy on Your Terms

At Basecamp, we bring physical therapy to you —whether that’s at your home before leaving for work, during your remote workday, or in your backyard while your kids play.

Why? Because we believe your time is valuable. Often, traditional physical therapy care at a clinic involves lots of waiting: waiting a few weeks to get in for an evaluation, waiting in traffic to and from the appointment, and waiting for your PT to see you once you arrive.

We are flipping the traditional PT model on its head with at-home, private care. At Basecamp, Dr. Tim Gross will bring all the necessary equipment for treatment to your home (or office, or snow, or dirt…you get the idea)!

We also have the unique benefit of optimizing your home for your body. Neck pain while typing on your computer? We can help by fixing your desk set-up. Low back pain while riding your mountain bike? We can help with that, too.

Contact us or click below to book a free 15-minute consult and learn more!

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