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Welcome to Basecamp.

Basecamp provides performance physical therapy in Bend, Oregon. We offer one-on-one, hour-long treatment sessions with Dr. Tim Gross, Doctor of Physical Therapy. Basecamp delivers PT in your home, bringing all the necessary equipment for each visit. 

We specialize in helping outdoor enthusiasts and athletes overcome injury and get back to doing what they love. 


Tim Gross, Basecamp Physical Therapy

At Basecamp, we believe that physical therapy is personal; the highest level of care can only happen after taking the time to listen and collaborate with our patients.

"I have been to multiple PTs over the years for various injuries, and have typically benefitted from most of them. Tim, however, stands out as the best PT I've seen. He is a thorough, smart, creative, caring problem solver and healer. I first went to him for an ankle and hip issue and he took the time to test and understand the injury and pain, and then provided various therapies including specific strengthening exercises that allowed me to get back into trail running again. He wasn't satisfied until my goals were met."

Jeff H.


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Schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with Basecamp PT, or skip to Step 2

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Book your initial evaluation with Dr. Tim Gross, Doctor of Physical Therapy 

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Begin your individualized 

treatment plan in the comfort of your home and start your ascent!  |  Tel: 541-250-3020

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